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Production technology

In the production of furniture using modern materials and technologies. Today, the number one trend in the world of furniture has proven to be products with painted glossy and matte facades.

Painted facades are made from MDF plate materials, which are painted with various special primers, paints and varnishes. They are easily milled, which allows you to make a facade of any shape, have high strength and moisture resistance. The facades can be painted in absolutely any color your imagination can imagine.

To get to your esteemed customer in the form of a finished painted facade, every detail must go through several processing steps. At the factory, this technology is as follows:

1. Purchase of MDF material from the best European manufacturers: Kronospan, Egger (Austria).

2. Cutting MDF. Details are cut from sheet MDF in the size of the customer on machines SCHELLING ALTENDORF (Germany)

3. Milling MDF. The details of the facades are milled on the CNC stands according to customer’s drawings.

4. Pre-grinding. The facades are polished on various grinding equipment companies: Viet and Compact (Italy). Grinding of difficult elements is brought by our specialists manually.

5. Sheeting of MDF. 3 layers of polyurethane primer and ultraviolet polymerization primer are applied to the prepared blanks on the universal painting line Cefla (Italy).

6. Finishing sanding MDF. After the application of the soil, the facade again passes the full cycle of finishing polishing to an ideal condition, ready for painting.

7. Paint MDF facade. We paint the prepared facades with multi-colored polyurethane paints in Mercury professional paint booths. To obtain a deep gloss effect, the paint is coated with a high-strength polyurethane clear lacquer.

8. Polished painted facade. The final polishing is done by the best craftsmen of the factory, trained in the leading factories and training centers in Italy.

Modern equipment and very professional hands.