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Information about the company Furniture Factory

About us 
In 1999, a new modern furniture factory was found in the independent Ukraine.
At first we began to manufacture bathroom furniture and mirrors under the well-known Ukrainian trademark «MOIDODIR», transformed over time into «MDD Group». The high water-resistance and a strong, rigid hull of furniture were products distinctive features achieved by special ultraviolet painting technologies, combined with a «classical» way of production (beech dowel with water-resistant glue). These strict quality requirements determined our approach to the selection of equipment for the factory, which allowed us to achieve European levels of quality.

 MOIDODIR became the first producer of bathroom furniture and mirrors in Ukraine. Today «MDD Group» is a nationwide enterprise with a staff of over 300 people working hard in different departments. Our products are on sale in every region of Ukraine, as well as in countries of Europe and Asia.
Руководство Фабрики
 History of the Furniture factory
MDD Factory is located in the central part of Ukraine, just 70 km from Kyiv. This location makes delivery so much easier for our partners. The factory occupies 6.2 hectares of industrial area in Kagarlik city and has 12 854 m2 of production space.

Our development is based on close cooperation of MDD-Trading House, Design Bureau and technologic team of the factory. Thanks to that we are capable to creatively develop and fulfill any special orders of our partners. Our team’s purposeful work and creativity had made possible for MDD to expand on production of home and office furniture since 2015.

Eighteen years of experience, the modern production capacities, investments into design, the talented team and compliance to European standards allows us to produce goods for our Ukrainian, German, Italian, Spanish and Azerbaijani partners under their own brand names.
We are open for cooperation and implementation of your personal vision and ideas!